BBoy Spaghetti

Navid was born in Iran.  He grew up most of his life outside Iran, in Malaysia and the Philipines. He moved to Norway in early 2001.
Navid is a hip hop artist and uses the dance aspect of the hiphop culture to express himself.
Navid is internationally known for his hard work of sharing some of the real values of the hip hop culture within his performances, documentaries and inspirational lectures.
After being one of the finalists in the Norwegian version of the tv show “So You Think You Can Dance”  and  “Norway´s Got Talent”, Navid traveled the country with Riksteatret with his performance show “Each One Teach One” This show became a success and today Navid travels around Norway with this production.
Navid will be judging an international Breaking championship in Finland along with 2 of the worlds leading dancers (BBoy Hong-10 Bboy Focus) in February 2016.
Will be traveling to Sweden, Denmark, UK, France to compete in international championships

 “I’m looking very forward to sharing my dance with the kids and the youth in the Totem Pole Festival. 

I’m also very excited to observe and learn about the Indian culture! Im expecting lots of good energy and a lot of fun!!
My performance in at the Totem Pole Festival will be about my journey as a dancer. The Theme is “Fall down 7 times, but stand up 8”.
What i like about India is that, India is real! I can’t wait to be among the Indian people, dance with them and learn from them!”

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