CHAURAHA – The Crossroads



Fusion of Folk & Contemporary Music Elements

CHAURAHA – A United SAARC Showcase presented artistes from the countries of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal & Maldives to create a unique showcase of talent in their native languages with an interesting fusion of contemporary pieces of music.

Chauraha was created to showcase native music of the SAARC countries to the young people of today who are not very acquainted with the rich heritage of this region of the world. Inundated by popular music floating in oft visited places, the youth has little or no familiarity with native music. Given the current cultural-political situation, the timing could not have been better to make concerted efforts towards the manifestation of culture as a unifying factor. It has been a critical tool to create camaraderie amongst neighbourhood countries. Music knows no boundaries, whether of language or of territorial boundary and this showcased established this clearly.

Chauraha worked with artistes from the SAARC countries where they collaborated and created songs, each one bringing their traditional and cultural aspects to it .  Chauraha was showcased at India’s 1st youth based festival, Totem Pole held in Mumbai in October 2017. A Documentary for the same was made which includes behind the scenes process and making of the songs and performances @ Totem Pole Music Festival. This project aspires to keep the various rich folk musical traditions of the SAARC countries alive to pass it on the generations to come who can experience the beauty of the rich musical heritage of this region.

Boon Castle (erstwhile Flying Carpet Productions) has enjoyed a long standing, fruitful relationship with Kulturtanken, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Norway.  This engagement has grown from strength to strength over the years and culminated with collaboration on Chauraha – The United SAARC Showcase @ Totem Pole 2018.
Kulturtanken has worked with indigenoeus partners in the various SAARC countries to help strengthen the cultural sector in these countries over the last many years.  As their India partner since 2011, we have worked with some of the SAARC countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in this process.  CHAURAHA was conceptualised to bring fruition to these efforts where musicians of these countries showcased their music in their native languages with a contemporary twist brought to the fore by Indian music producers.  Boon Castle conceptualised this project and executed it with the whole hearted support of Kulturtanken.


Kulturtanken is the Ministry of Culture agency in Norway, responsible for art and culture for school pupils. This includes nationwide responsibility for The Cultural Schoolbag (TCS), the centrepiece of the government’s policy for bringing culture to children and young people. Kulturtanken was created in 2016 through the merger of Concerts Norway and the secretariat of The Cultural Schoolbag.

Chauraha – The SAARC project was developed with this perspective in mind to use to music to consolidate endeavours and efforts on the part of Kulturtanken across the SAARC nations into one showcase.

We have been most fortunate to have had a long standing and very fruitful relationship with Kulturtanken (erstwhile Rikskonsertene Norway) since 2011.  A chance meeting with beneficial engagement and the same has grown from strength to strength over these years.

Chauraha was successfully executed and showcased at our music festival, Totem Pole on the 14thof October, 2017 with the help of Kulturtanken.  We feel that this is just the beginning.

To extrapolate it to capture the essence but at the same time, take it to the next level through engagement with artistes and actors beyond the SAARC countries and create an on-going web of interpersonal relationships at a global level.