Totem Pole Conference: Road to Excellence brings Multi Grammy winning Producers, Engineers and Managers under one roof. In the first edition, Charity Lomax (Tour Manager Eagles), DJ Swivel (Producer – Chainsmokers), Josh Gudwin(Engineer Justin Bieber), and Allen Johnston (Music Specialist) are the ones who attended the conference.


It was a Music Conference on the changing landscape of The Music and Entertainment industry. It featured Multi Grammy winning producers and mixing engineers who have worked with artists like The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber, Eagles, Pharrell Williams, etc.  The Totem Pole Conference is the 1st in the series of conferences with significant international delegates on the changing face of the industry.

Audiences covered people in the Indian music industry, young musicians and students. The experience was not just engaging but educative and left the listeners wanting more. Public sessions with stalwarts from the industry have been done for the first time and helped establish Boon Castle as a ‘Change Agent’ in the music industry in India.